Solar Power Panels in UK

Are You Aware of These Benefits of Switching to Solar Power in the UK?

Over 20 tonnes of Carbon are produced by a home in the UK on an average. 30% of these Carbon emissions are accredited to energy used in heating, ACs, operation of home appliances, etc. Given the current state of global warming, it is imperative that homes in the UK strive to reduce their Carbon footprint, and solar panel installers in the UK like Spectra Solar help homes achieve just that. Read on to know some other benefits of switching to solar power in the UK.

Earn money for surplus energy

The Feed-in Tariff Scheme, which was introduced by the UK government in April 2020, provides UK home with an incentive for switching to renewable energy like solar power, wind power, etc. The scheme allows UK homes to earn money from energy suppliers for the surplus solar or wind energy generated at homes. In order to be eligible, homes should have solar panels or wind turbines installed. Wait no further, contact our office to receive premium service from our expert solar panel installers in the UK, and start earning money for your surplus energy.

Cut down on costs by switching

Solar panels were once expensive, however, the average price per watt for silicone photovoltaic cells have fallen from £50 to £0.20 since 1977. This makes solar panels much more cost effective than other energy sources. It goes without saying that switching to solar power means not having to pay for your electricity. Combine your solar panels with energy storage systems, that help store the solar power generated during the day, for the evening, or overcast periods. To enjoy these savings and stop relying on paid energy sources, look up “solar companies near me” and contact our nearest office at the earliest!