Air Source Heat Pumps

Heating Your Home

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump, also known as an air-to-water source heat pump, effectively harnesses heat from the outside air and transfers it to water. This heated water is then used to warm your living spaces through radiators or underfloor heating systems. Additionally, it can be utilized to heat the water stored in a hot water cylinder for your everyday hot taps, showers, and baths.

The process involves the absorption of heat from the air into a fluid. Subsequently, this fluid passes through a heat exchanger within the heat pump, elevating its temperature before transferring the heat to water.


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Repairs & Upgrades

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Immersion Diverter

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Is an Air Source Heat Pump Right for Me?

Air source heat pumps are highly versatile and suitable for various types of homes, making them the most prevalent choice for domestic heat pump installations in the UK, with tens of thousands of units in operation. However, before deciding on an air source heat pump, it’s essential to consider a few factors to determine its suitability for your specific needs.


Solar PV Panels

Solar Photovoltaic panels use cells to convert sunlight into free electricity! We start at 5kW PV Solar Panels.

There are three main types of solar panels however monocrystalline has the highest efficiency!

On-roof system or In-roof system?

The choice is yours! On-roof is cheaper than In-roof due to the extra work involved.

We recommend installing optimisers when in a potentially shaded area. Optimisers are also a good upgrade for existing solar PV systems to increase efficiency!

Don’t forget all our monocrystalline Solar PV panels we install have a 12-year manufacturer warranty and a 25-year linear performance guarantee!

solar panel

Battery Storage System

Thinking about battery storage and why? 

It’s simple, If you cant use all the free energy you produce it goes back to the grid for pennies! The worst part is you then buy it back later in the evening at full price when your panels aren’t producing.

But what if you could store your excess produced free energy and use it in the evening?

This is exactly what a battery storage system is for, it is there to store your free produced energy for you to utilise it in the evening saving you money!

Don’t think lead-acid batteries like the ones in your car, these are Lithium-Iron types (LiFePO4) and they can store a whopping amount of kWh in each one! Just for info, a 3.2kWh battery can keep an average Tv on for approximately 32hrs so you can imagine what a few of these coupled together can keep running!

Solar battery storage systems also go one step further, you can charge AUTOMATICALLY from an overnight tariff i.e Economy 7 or an EV tarrif from the likes of octopus energy!

Currently receiving the FIT? (feed-in-tariff) Don’t worry, these storage systems won’t affect any of your payments, they will just save you more money!

At Spectra Solar we take pride in being the market leaders in Solar Panel battery storage cost uk.

EV Charging

Using Solar PV to charge your car during the day? It makes sense to do so!

We install Ev Chargers for your home or office that utilise excess power generated from your Solar PV System to charge your car thus reducing your carbon footprint even more.

We currently install the well-known Zappi charger by myenergi or the ProjectEV range of chargers. Tethered or un-tethered or just not sure? Speak to the team
who can explain in more detail.

Bird Deterrents

Bird Deterrents

Due to the location of solar panels, they are an easy target for birds to set up home.
Damage can occur underneath and droppings on the face of panels will reduce the output of your system.

We recommend installing a bird mesh system in problematic bird areas. It has been proven to be effective in deterring birds from roosting at the sites of solar panels and will help to protect your investment into the future. Speak to our friendly team for more information.

Repairs & Upgrades

We offer Solar Panel repairs, Solar Panel maintenance and Solar Panel servicing. 

Faulty system? Warning light on? or just know your system has lost performance?

This could be a number of issues from a faulty inverter, a damaged solar panel, or even a simple dirty panel. We can fix all these issues and increase the performance of your system.

Many homeowners are starting to upgrade their existing systems by having solar edge optimisers
fitted to their panels. Old inverters are replaced with a much more modern efficient design that enables the performance of the system to be improved dramatically. We can supply and install your upgrade and it will not affect any FIT tariff.

iBoost Solar Hot Water

Immersion Diverter

Do you have a hot water cylinder? If so you could use the solar PV system’s excess energy to heat your hot water using a Solar Iboost. This clever add-on uses your
excess produced energy to power your immersion heater and heat your water. Talk to our team today for more information.